1. A HUGE CONGRATULATION to the sweet sweet Emmelie de Forest and her crew for winning the EuroVision Song Contest 2013 in Malmø.

    I am so proud and honored to be the designer of Emmelie the Forest dress.

    - Anja Elefteria

    Photo: John Macdougall


  2. Emmelie de Forest performing her Winner Song in Elefteria Designer Dress at EuroVision song Contest, Malmø 2013.

    Photo: Bettina Garcia


  3. Welcome to Elefteria 
    Welcome to my world of Designing Dresses.


  4. ELEFTERIA designer dresses.

    Elefteria draws the contours of beautiful designer dresses and always adds a sense of beauty, lightness and ‘you’.

    Her collections reflect a profound understanding of the female body and it’s movement.


  5. Elefteria Etel

    A corsage dress with bias cut skirt.
    The designers extremely well proportioned eye for colours, brings you softness and edge.


  6. Elefteria ETEL


  7. Elefteria Elenora

    Empire decorated to give you a style Classic. 

    Sublime hand Beatings can be costumized  to fit your personality, well guided by the designer.


  8. Elefteria ELENORA


  9. The work of Elefteria

    If you ask for decoration by the hand of Elefteria, your one-of-a-kind dress will be a fine piece of art.

    Elefteria’s artistic approach to decorating combined with an acute sense of feminine hues, underline the beauty of the dress and your personality.

    "My vision is to create bridal gowns that reflect personality and I´m passionate about making every woman feminine in appearence, sensual with softness of pure silk and confident with every part of her body".    


  10. Elefteria Elenora

    Romantic decorated with lots of chiffon volange.


  11. Elefteria ELENORA


  12. Elefteria model Anna

    A short corsage dress that gives you the feeling of city chic.


  13. Elefteria ANNA


  14. Something Blue

    A fake wedding inspiration setup
    photography by Amanda Thomsen

  15. In the Summer of 2012

    We, a group of true creative people.

    Photographers: Amanda Thomsen and Lina Ahnoff
    Stylist: Brittany, from TheHouceThatLarsBuilt
    Dresses: Anja Elefteria

    took “something blue” to mean the black sheep of the bunch.

    We did a photoshoot last summer in my Kolonihave. The scene was…

    A couple who does things a bit differently. So, we envisioned a couple who do things differently. This couple doesn’t plan a year in advance. They aren’t getting married in the church. They aren’t wearing white. Gasp! This couple told their friends and family to come to a party that week “dressed in blue” and bring a small dish to share.